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We believe in uniqueness and diversity, we believe in creating pieces that will accompany you in time, along life. We don’t follow trends and we don’t create mass produced decorative objects. For this reason making custom pieces is what we enjoy doing the most, and it’s an intrinsic foundation of our creations.


The bespoke process begins with an initial discussion about the idea and direction of the piece of jewelry you would like to create. At this very first stage we will discuss about design, meaning, materials and budget. This can take place either at our New York City studio or remotely.

Once we have defined the foundations of your jewelry piece, we will materialize the idea through beautifully detailed sketches, which will be reviewed together and further discussed to get as close as possible to the final design.

When the final design is reached we will begin making the piece itself starting from hand carving the piece in jewelers wax, which will be then casted and finished in our studio.

We work with most materials including fair-trade gold and fair-trade gemstones.


It would be a pleasure to hear about your idea!

You can let us know more about it writing to us at, or we can schedule a meeting here.

There is no commitment (and no cost) if you would like to have a one to one conversation about your project. A deposit will be required to begin with the actual designing and making of the piece.