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I believe in creating meaning-full objects of power, carriers of individuality and transmitters of energy.

I despise pure adornment and decoration, mass produced items of fashion and consume.

I believe in creating a better world through intention, knowledge and love. We all have greatness in us and we all have different ways of expressing it. I believe in a society where we are shaped around our very own unique greatness, not constricted in narrow choices and inapt structures of control.

I find freedom in creation, and jewelry is what I am attracted to the most because its so adaptable and fluid to the circumstances of life. Everyone can wear jewelry, you can carry it with you, you can donate it, you can play with it, you can absorb its energy when you want and you can let it go when you feel. Jewelry can represent part of your story and it's always shaped by your history.

As a designer, traveler and lover of diversity I would like to promote ways of sustaining communities around the world, through production collaboration, material sourcing and local development. 

As a brand it's my responsibility of creating in the most ecological and sustainable ways as possible. All my pieces are meant to last through generations.